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Hospice Care

Hospice care at home is typically for patients who are in the last stages of terminal illness.

Primary Care

Mobile primary care or at home doctor visits benefit people who have difficulty getting to the doctor but need to attend frequent appointments. 

Palliative Care

Palliative care at home helps those with long-term illnesses or chronic pain improve their quality of life.

Florence Neighborhoods We Cover

We cover all neighborhoods in and near Florence, including Eastmark, Alta Mesa, Dobson Ranch, the Groves, and Desert Uplands in Pinal County. See our complete list of Arizona locations for hospice, mobile primary, and palliative care. Or visit our sister services from Agape Hospice Care in Georgia, Elevation Hospice in Colorado, and Elevation Hospice, Primary, and Palliative Care in Utah.

How Does Hospice Care Work?

Hospice care helps patients approaching final stages of life to be as comfortable and cared for as possible. Whether they are in assisted living or at home, hospice caregivers provide quality care to help ease any pain and discomfort. For more guidance on deciding if hospice care is appropriate, see our article 8 Signs it’s Time for Hospice Care.

Mobile hospice care includes:

  • Pain management services
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical equipment
  • A full support team, including medical personnel as well as spiritual and social support
  • Grief counseling

How Does Palliative Care Work?

Chronic illness and pain often result in lower quality of life. At home palliative care offers pain and symptom management to aid the healing process. The team works to relieve stress for both the patients and their caregivers. See our article What is Palliative Care to learn more.

Mobile palliative care includes:

  • Appointment follow-up visits

  • Mobile ultrasound, EKG, and X-ray

  • Prescription management and preventative care

  • Specialist referrals

  • Chaplain support

How Does Primary Care Work?

Many people who need to see their doctors on a regular basis experience mobility or travel difficulties due to chronic pain or other symptoms. Sage primary care helps by bringing doctors directly to you. In-home appointments give patients the freedom of one less step in the process of getting proper care.

Mobile primary care includes:

  • Blood draws and comprehensive assessments

  • Coordination of services between medical, social, and spiritual support members of the team

  • Referrals and oversight for home health care

  • Symptom management

  • Guidance regarding end-of-life care

How Does Insurance Work?

Our Promise to You

We at Sage believe that everyone deserves outstanding, compassionate care. Regardless of the stage of a patient’s illness, he or she receives an individualized care plan from licensed professionals to preserve dignity and improve his or her quality of life. Caregivers can expect the same customized service that caters to their personal needs and concerns:

  • The Sage mobile team comprises not only the physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses who provide medical care but also spiritual advisors, chaplains, grief counselors, and social workers.

  • At home hospice, primary, and palliative care teams provide assessments, medical equipment, prescription management, and even some minor medical procedures.

  • Sage mobile care includes referrals to specialists when necessary.

  • The focus of the patients’ customized plans is to ensure dignity and compassionate care for the remainder of their lives.

We Honor Veterans

We are grateful for the service and the sacrifices made by our country’s military personnel. Sage is proud to support our veterans by offering customized care plans that take into account the potential triggers they may experience due to past trauma or painful memories. In addition to recognizing our veterans with certificates and flag pins, our main goal is to provide end-of-life care that ensures their last days are as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

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