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Hospice Care

Agape Hospice Care in Carroll County, Georgia, is a provider of specialized medical care for patients who are in the final stages of a terminal illness. Their focus is on providing comfort and support to patients and their families during this difficult time.

What Areas Are Covered by Agape Hospice Care?

We cover all neighborhoods in and near Carroll County, GA, including Carrollton, Villa Rica, Bremen, Temple, and Bowdon. See our full list of Georgia Hospice Care locations, or our sister services from Sage Hospice, Mobile Primary and Palliative Care in Arizona, Elevation Hospice, Mobile Primary and Palliative Care in Utah, and Elevation Hospice in Colorado.

How Does Hospice Care Work?

Some patients reach a point near the end of their lives when the complications associated with curative treatment outweigh the potential benefits. Home hospice care in Carroll County provides these individuals with an opportunity to maintain as comfortable a life as possible from their very own homes. A team of professionals works with patients to create customized care plans that maintain dignity and quality of life throughout this phase of life.

Mobile hospice care includes:

How Does Insurance Work for Hospice Care in Georgia?

Hospice Care

  • Medicare Hospice Benefit covers the full cost of hospice care, including a hospice care team.

  • Georgia Medicaid pays for hospice care with no copays and no prior authorization requirements. However, adult patients must forego curative treatment.

  • Private Insurance Plans typically cover some or all of the costs associated with hospice care in  Carroll County, but the details change from plan to plan. Some patients may need to pay a small copay.

Why Work With Agape Caregivers?

Agape focuses on providing patients throughout Carroll County with top-quality care while maintaining the dignity and comfort of every individual involved. By offering services in-home, our team provides customized care to both the patient and their families during a time when all can seem stressful and uncertain.

  • Access to a full team of aides, nurses, doctors, social workers, and chaplains/other spiritual leaders to support emotional and spiritual wellness alongside physical comfort

  • Full in-home services to reduce stress, including access to important medical equipment, lab work, and more

  • Care that places comfort, dignity, and integrity above all else

  • Team members that are both experienced and compassionate about the work they perform 

Honoring Our Veterans: Agapeʼs Commitment to We Honor Veterans

Agape professionals go above and beyond in not only recognizing and acknowledging the service of veterans but also respecting the sacrifices made by these individuals. Medical professionals are mindful of potential physical and psychological trauma triggers that may exist during care visits and seek to eliminate or diminish any discomfort associated with the care process in order to maintain an overall comfortable end-of-life experience for all involved.

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Agape Hospice Care – Georgia provides care without regard to race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or ability to pay. Learn more by clicking here.

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